Quality Inn Marine Scheme Light Collection Gallery

Framed Paper Image Under Glass: Includes 2” Mat  

Four frame color options: Black, Gold, Silver, Espresso

3,000 unique images to choose from Browse our entire catalog of art at www.interiaart.com

Minimum artwork requirements: 2 pieces in double bedded guestroom, 1 piece in 1 bedded guestroom, 1 piece in the bath, An optional piece over desk or side bath wall

*The three artwork collections can be used for both design schemes. 

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  • Side Wall - 4. DR0219-PSM-2424-A

  • Desk - 4. DR0219-PSM-2424-A

  • Over Sofa - 4. DR0216-PSM- 4030-A

  • Desk - 4. DR0218-PSM- 2436-A

  • Side Wall - 4. DR0214-PSM- 2424-A

  • Desk - 4. X02435-PSM-2430-A

  • Desk - 4. X02436-PSM-2430-A

  • Over Sofa - 4. DR0215-PSM- 4030-A